Depression makes you feel isolated, but you’re really not alone! It’s estimated that in the Western world, between 10% and 20% of people will experience some form of depression at some time in their lives.

Very often, feelings of depression can seem to come out of nowhere. We can feel very powerless at times like this.
You might then recognise that feeling of frustration because you can’t understand where your depression comes from.

To make things feel worse, other feelings can also accompany depression. You may have had a diagnosis of an anxiety disorder (AD), such as post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD), panic disorder, social anxiety, and generalised anxiety disorder(GAD). And they can all spring from those feelings of depression.

Depression And The Way To Recovery

The cause of your depression is not insignificant, but trying to understand the cause is not going to show you the way to recovery. This is how the Thrive Programme® differs from many other conventional treatments for depression.

We offer a very unique method of helping you overcome depression and associated mental health issues such as anxiety, insomnia, weight gain/loss and OCD. We do this by showing you how these feelings come about in the first place. That enables you to develop the psychological skills, resources and self-insight to help you live a life free of depression.

In fact I’d go to say it goes further than this, you will learn how to thrive and enjoy your life. Even if you’ve had depression for decades, you can still feel your mood lift in a relatively short timescale, your confidence will increase and, you will start to enjoy your life.

The great thing about deciding to work through the Thrive Programme® to overcome your depression is that it’s not symptom-specific; it is a predictable way to feel better overall. You can learn how to do this.

A Sliding Scale

Imagine a sliding scale from minus ten to plus ten. Think about your depression at the moment. You might feel in the depths of despair, at minus ten on the sliding scale. It’s quite likely that you have sought some help in the past. At your best and most hopeful where would you place yourself? You might feel so much better at minus three or hovering around zero on the sliding scale.

But the scale goes all the way into plus ten. And within a few weeks of working through the Thrive Programme®, you’ll see a change in your mood. You’ll very likely be well on your way to rating yourself as a plus four or a plus five on the scale.

You’ll find that other problems will be a thing of the past too. You can say goodbye to insomnia, your self-esteem will have increased and you’ll be no longer powerless or out of control of your emotions.

Learning how to thrive means that anxieties fade away, and your beliefs and attitudes will have improved. 

Of course conventional therapy has its place. And we often see clients who have tried many therapies or are on medication. All have their value; however, we know from experience that the benefits we gain from them don’t ‘stick’, and we look for something else to help.

For lasting and empowering change The Thrive Programme is the most effective.  And for evidence that his is so, we need look no further than the testimonials of others who have benefitted from this,

The most important step is the first step. Contact me today.