Help to overcome common psychological symptoms, phobias, anxieties, and depression with The Thrive Programme®

People tend to go through The Thrive Programme® because they want to learn to thrive or they have problems and psychological symptoms that they want to get over, AND they want to learn how to thrive.

If you are in the second group, then you probably don’t think you have many choices. You believe you’re stuck with your current symptoms, worries, illness, lack of success, or just your life in general.

Like most people, you probably feel as though you are powerless to change your situation. There is plenty of research that shows this is exactly what the majority of people who are phobic, anxious, depressed, over-weight, stressed or ill believe (for example, Abrahamsson et al., 2002; Edwards et al., 2007; Walters and Charles, 1997; and Seaman and Lewis, 1995).

However, although you – and millions of other people like you – believe this, you are actually wrong in your assumptions.

You actually DO have the power to change your situation and to thrive. You have just never been given the skills to do so.

Symptoms Don’t ‘Happen To You’

Your psychological symptoms are not ‘happening to you’. Rather, you are accidentally creating them yourself. You are creating them in your head using a combination of different ’thinking styles’ (belief systems, unhelpful thinking styles and cognitive processes) that you are not aware of.

People have around ten different thinking styles that they can actively use on a daily basis. It is the way you choose to use your thinking styles that dictates whether you are, for example: ‘happy or sad’, ‘positive or negative’ or ‘powerful or powerless’.

Somebody who is thriving is positive, buoyant, powerful, confident, optimistic, happy, has high self esteem, and low social anxiety. This is someone who has optimised all or most of their thinking styles. They have most of their ten thinking styles working for them in a helpful, powerful way.

The symptoms we can help with include:

If you are managing most of your thinking styles well, you won’t be creating anxieties, fears, worries, stress and stress-related symptoms, self esteem issues, depression, weight problems etc.

We Won’t Focus On Symptoms

This is why, when you come to undertake The Thrive Programme®, we won’t focus on your symptoms, because in a way they are not important.

What IS important is that we teach you how to thrive, and along the way you’ll overcome your symptoms and problems, as you learn to optimise your thinking styles.

We have thousands of testimonials by people just like you who have overcome their symptoms and learned to thrive.

For example, symptoms such as phobias, sexual problems, stuttering and depression tend to disappear within a couple of days of people starting to thrive, because they are quite ‘simple’ to create; they only require two or three of your thinking styles.

At the other end of the spectrum are symptoms such as chronic fatigue, obsessive compulsive disorder, anorexia, emetophobia (fear of vomiting) and something known as ‘intrusive thoughts’.

These symptoms are far more involved and may use all of a person’s different thinking styles to create. It’s no wonder these are some of the hardest problems to treat with therapy, CBT or drugs.

These sort of symptoms don’t usually disappear until a person is almost completely thriving, as it takes them longer to get all of a person’s thinking styles under control.

You Can Change Your Thinking Styles

Because symptoms and problems are created by your thinking styles, you can change the thinking styles whenever you wish. And all symptoms can be overcome relatively quickly and simply.

It doesn’t matter, for example, for how long you have had your symptoms. It also doesn’t matter what you think actually caused your symptom or problems. You might, for example, believe your phobia of vomiting was caused by you choking on a marble when you were six years old.

It doesn’t matter what you actually believe started your phobia; what is causing it right now is your thinking styles. And you can change and optimise these in a few weeks.

Maybe of you believe your low self-esteem, nail-biting and heavy-drinking are due to you being bullied as a child. Well, maybe that is what started them, but what is causing those symptoms TODAY is your thinking styles.

With The Thrive Programme® it’s now possible for you to learn the skills to optimise your thinking styles in a few weeks. There really is no reason why you should have to suffer with these psychological symptoms anymore. Better still, get thriving and have the very best life you could have!

The Thrive Programme will show you how to live the life you really want, to be happy, to be able to cope with life’s challenges. It will teach you how to overcome phobias, anxieties, and depression and to learn how to positively thrive. If I can do this so can you. 

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