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Extract 1

So how are you coping with the challenges we’re facing at the moment?

Are you an ” I’ll be fine, I just need to get on and cope with it, it’ll soon be over.” sort of person or are you an ” Oh my God’s what’s going on! what if I get ill, what if there’s no food, what if I can’t pay my bills?” sort of person?

In simple terms its the difference between believing that things make us feel the way we do, to understanding that we can decide how we feel about things!

Extract 2

How can people have such a positive attitude at a time like this?

That’s a really important question and one worth exploring. I’m sure there will be people in your life who seem to just get on with things without much drama at all, despite the fact they have ups and downs just like the rest of us! You may even have been one of those people yourself but you’re wobbling now because of the considerable uncertainties you’re facing.

Have you ever stopped to think why we do that and why we wobble in the first place? It’s all to do with influence. We are all influenced by those around us in good ways and not so good ways. The most amazing thing to remember is that how we are isn’t fixed at all and we can behave differently if we choose too … How comforting is that!