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So what is The Thrive Pogramme all about? 
“Thriving is about flourishing in life, regardless of where you are, what you are doing, what your past experiences were like, what your relationships are like, how much money you have, or what skills you have. It’s about fine-tuning your mind and body, to get the very best from them.” Rob Kelly

Who is it for? 
The Thrive programme is designed for people who want to overcome anything which is holding them back in life. Whether it is fears and phobias, low self-esteem, stress and anxiety, depression, anger, illness, sports performance, weight or any other issues that are preventing you from moving on with life, and being happy and successful. In fact any situation in which stress and disordered thinking are making things worse.

How does it work? 
The Thrive Programme concentrates on building the three core psychological strengths we use to fight any negative belief or symptom:

  • Putting you back in control
  • Building your self-esteem
  • Reducing your social anxiety

Once you have built up these three core strengths, you will feel much more able to deal with your problems. You will be able to manage your self-esteem, learning how to top it up and keep it at a high level. By doing this you will also be lowering your social anxiety to a level where it doesn't bother you any more.

In addition you will learn all about what makes you tick. How your personality, thinking styles and cognitive processes make you who you are today and influence your symptoms or problems. Once you have that knowledge and understand exactly how you got yourself to the place you are in, you can easily get yourself out. After all, we are the product of our own thinking!

What happens in the sessions? 
The sessions are chatty and relaxed. You will learn all about the mind-body connection, the importance of recognising clusters of thinking styles, self-esteem, social anxiety, the locus of control, helpful and unhelpful thinking styles, how stress and anxiety affect the body and how you can eliminate or significantly reduce them. The sessions are paced to suit you. Once you feel confident that you have fully understood everything we have gone through, we move on to the next topic, but not until you are ready.

But how will I remember everything?! 
The sessions run alongside the Thrive workbook, which is packed full of all the information you will need. The book also contains exercises for you to complete in your own time. These will help you to gain further insights about yourself.

Why do I need face-to-face sessions if I’ve got the book? 
The sessions bring the book to life. Otherwise it would be like studying for your exams with a textbook but without a teacher. If you find that something in the book is a bit challenging then we will be able to go through it with you, answer any questions you have and put you on the right track. If you find that making changes in your life is proving to be a struggle you can talk it through with Kate, who will provide support and help you to understand why it is proving challenging. Without someone to talk things over with you might feel like giving up and throwing the book away!

So how many sessions will I need? 
The average number of sessions is between six or seven, but it depends on your particular issues. Ideally sessions are once a week, and last for about an hour. Some people start to see an improvement straightaway or within a couple of weeks, others may take a little longer as long.What is most important is that people put in persistant and continous effort (PACE)!

What’s different about this programme, compared to NLP, CBT, EFT or counselling? 
With counselling you talk through your issues, whereas the Thrive programme goes one step further and gives you the resources and techniques to change and to move forward. It concentrates on how you got to be in a position of feeling powerless to do anything about your problems. Once you have gained that knowledge and understanding, it’s easy to change things! In no time you will begin to feel happier and more confident.  No other programme works in this way.

So what’s the next step?
If you really want to change your life, give Kate a ring on 07747 186670 and arrange a free, no-obligation, 45-minute initial consultation, so that you can see whether The Thrive Programme is right for you or you can book your first one-hour session now. It really will make a difference to your life.



Getting the most out of The Thrive Programme

By doing The Thrive Programme, you are giving yourself the best chance to completely change yourself and your life for the better. Below are some ideas on how we can make the process as smooth running and enjoyable as possible.

The Sessions

  • Effort - The more effort and dedication you put into Thrive, the faster and more completely you will achieve your goals.
  • Tasks - I will occasionally give you something to think about or do in between sessions. This is because learning and changing is an on-going process and will continue after the end of each session - lets capitalise on that.
  • Sessions must be weekly in order to keep what you are learning fresh in your mind, and to maintain the momentum. Experience has taught me that clients who attend every week and do everything that is asked of them will do much better than those clients who dip in and out of sessions and the book.
  • Prioritise. In order for these sessions to be as effective as possible, you need to have Thrive as one of the top priorities in your life. Set aside time to sit down and concentrate on the book. You will get more benefit from the programme if you read the book as soon after your session as possible. That way, you have the rest of the week to notice and apply what you have learnt.

The Book

  • Remember to bring your book with you for every session.
  • Reading - Read what is asked of you - no more and no less. I try to pace the sessions and the reading so that it is manageable for you. Reading too much may mean that you are skimming over areas and not absorbing them.
  • Diary - use the Thrive book as your own personal diary. Don't be afraid to write in it. If worrying that others will find it is holding you back from writing your true thoughts - hide it away from prying eyes. You will find it fascinating and encouraging to read back on past answers to see just how far you've come over the weeks.


  • Please do your best to stick to appointment times. Because my diary tends to be booked up two weeks in advance it is sometimes tricky or impossible for me to reschedule sessions. However, the more notice you can give me, the better.
  • Be on time! This is not a long-drawn out treatment. You only have one session a week so make sure you are getting the maximum time available.
  • .....But not too early!
  • If you are seeing me in Ely please try to arrive just a couple of minutes before your session so that I am free to let you in.
  • If I’m seeing you in Bury St Edmunds, please let reception know that you have arrived and then wait in reception.
  • Late notice cancellations - I do charge a full session fee for any cancellations that are within 48 hours of your appointment. Exceptions to this are only in the case of illness or an emergency. Please do your best to avoid this because I really don't like penalising people! 

The results you achieve reflect the effort you put in. I want all my trainees to get the maximum from this programme but if I feel you have not been putting in the required effort I will have to discontinue your sessions.


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