Kate Patterson

I have been helping people all my professional career to have the skills and resources they have needed to be happy and successful people in their own right. Initially as a teacher but now as a Licensed Thrive Programme Consultant, a Thrive Consultant Trainer and qualified hypnotherapist I show people how to develop the skills they need to thrive, to be resilient and to be able to bounce back quickly from lifes ups and downs so that they can really enjoy their lives. I too have had life experiences that I have found extremely challenging, even more challenging because I wasn't properly equipped with the strong psychological foundations I needed to deal well with them. If I had known then what I know now I would have managed those situations completely differently and would not have found them as difficult to deal with. I have personally found the Thrive Programme transformational.

 In addition to my License to practice as a Thrive Consultant and my teaching qualification, I was previously a head teacher of a school in Cambridge, I have an advanced Diploma in Hypnotherapy gained through continuous study and training with the Hypnotherapy Control Board (Europe's largest Hypnotherapy school) I am also an Affiliate Member of Resolution supporting people who are using the family law process.  

I run my business from both Ely in Cambridgeshire and Woolpit, near Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk and focuses on providing individual therapeutic or small group sessions using either The Thrive Programme or Hypnotherapy the Thrive way. In reality 98% of the clients I see chose to work through The Thrive Programme with me as it is far more empowering and is fundementally about learning new life skills.

I now specialise in the Thrive Programme, a positive psychology training programme which is designed for people who want to overcome anything that is holding them back in life.  This can range from fears, phobias, low self-esteem, stress, anxiety, depression, anger, illness, sports performance and weight issues to any other issues that are preventing them from moving on with their life, and being happy and successful. In fact, any situation in which stress and disordered thinking are making things worse. The programme has proved particularly effective for those who suffer from emetophobia - the persistent and irrational fear of being sick (vomiting) http://www.emetophobia.co.uk.

If you want to thrive in all areas of your life then the Thrive Programme is the programme for you. 

The Thrive Programme is "a revolutionary psychological training programme that equips people with self awareness, the in-depth knowledge of fundamental psychological principles and the skills that they need to flourish in life" Rob Kelly, 2011.

The programme can also help children deal with a variety of challenges: school phobias, bed-wetting, night-tremors, not eating, eating too much, separation anxiety, nail-biting, shyness, depression, anxiety, lack of confidence, poor school work, poor academic performance, sibling rivalry, exam nerves, dropping out of school or university and  much more.

I also offer Applied Positive Hypnotherapy, a form of hypnotherapy that is underpinned by the principles of the Thrive Programme.  It is, therefore, internal and empowering, and will help temporarily to reset thinking for clients who are anxious, have fears, want to pass their driving test, give a presentation or improve their ability to relax. Interestingly 98% of all the people that I see choose not to have hypnosis but opt for the Thrive Programme training because they know they will gain the skills and resources they need to manage themselves well for the rest of their lives. 

As I have mentioned I have worked in education for more than 20 years, and have had a great deal of experience of working with children, young people and parents, in addition to professionals from Education, Social Care, Health and Therapeutic fields and businesses.

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