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Revolution In The Head

Retirement and beyond

May I introduce you to John. John had been a hard-working farmer all his life and had recently retired. He found his change in circumstances very difficult to deal with, even losing all interest in his lifelong passion for music. This may sound familiar to those of you who have recently retired yourselves. If we've always relied on the things we've done as a way of recognising our sense of self-worth and that ends we can feel valueless. 

This is John's story.

Beatle fans like me, don’t expect to find life hard going, all that great music should keep anyone happy. Unfortunately, it wasn’t enough this time though. Trouble came, as trouble does, and with thin defenses, I was rocky at the end of the year, rock bottom soon after. “Acute anxiety” the doctor called it. I didn’t want to talk, hardly able to mumble “Help”,“I’m Down”“ I’m So Tired” or “Nowhere Man"

I started to work through The Thrive Programme, and began to find some hope. I started to grasp that there is a better way to live and there could be a better version of me. By March, I started to hum “Love Me Do”, “We Can Work It Out” and  “Getting Better all the time.”I’ve learned that being kinder to yourself and valuing yourself is important. It’s not about being self-centered, or “I’m alright Jack”,  Thriving is about being more robust, less fragile, more reliable, more up for life. I learned how to be a more resilient person who is nicer to be around, better able to contribute to life and by April I was singing “Here Comes The Sun” “I Feel Fine” “I Will”, even“Any Time At All”!


What a body of work The Thrive Programme is! I had intended to mark the relevant pieces in the book as I read through it but ended up just about marked it all. The book is 180 pages of wisdom, insight knowledge and guidance, that once you’ve read it, feels like common sense.


Managing my thinking, a simple idea but a new to me has alone changed my life. As I became more careful about the way I was thinking I went from despair to repair, worried and low, to get up and go, and the amazing thing is that it didn’t take long. I know I’ll read The Thrive Programme book again, many times.

I’ll never be superstitious again either  - 13  song titles included here! 

I can’t thank Rob Kelly, and his team, enough. “When I’m 64is my song of the moment, but the last one is “Thank you Girl” to the wonderful Kate Patterson. Her insight astounded me and made me laugh, and her kindness gave me back some faith in human nature.

I’ve only ever read one other book more than once in my life, a book that covers every Beatle song and how each was put together; to me its genius at work - I love that book. It’s the title though that is apt here  - “Revolution In The Head”. The Thrive Programme is up there with the best!

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