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Flying High with the Thrive Programme

Cure your Emetophobia and Thrive with The Thrive Programme

This Guest Blog is by my colleagues at www.emetophobia.co.uk

As you have found yourself looking for help with Emetophobia, it is likely that you are realising that you’re fear of being sick or anything to do with anyone else being sick is fairly extreme and getting in the way of how you want to live your life. You are very likely to be missing out on doing things “just in case” you or some other random person around you may be sick and  you’ll spend a lot of time worrying and avoiding those situations that you find intolerable.

The good thing though is that you are not alone.

We use Thrive philosophy to help people who have emetophobia and I have helped people of all ages from grandparents to teenagers to cure their emetophobia and Thrive.

This blog explains very simply how people make the changes they want to. 

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Ella - How getting lost was a start of a brighter future

How getting lost was her start of a brighter future

How getting lost was the start of a brighter future.

Ella, a client of mine, although not a confident driver, having only recently past her test, drove herself to her first appointment with me as her mum wasn’t able. Understandably she was anxious and panicky which resulted in her getting thoroughly lost and arriving late. She arrived at my office in a state of high anxiety and stress.

We live in a world of added pressures and expectations. Some of us can cope well under these conditions, others can’t and we become stressed and anxious. It can seem as though we have little or no control over our emotions at all. 

This is exactly what Ella said when we met for the first time, she believed that everything was making her anxious.

Our conversation during her session was varied talking mainly about the things she as good at and her ambitions for the future. It became clear that Ella had a very fixed view about her abilities until she began to really think about how she really coped with things. 

We began to talk about her journey to her appointment that morning and just by simply looking from a different perspective at how she coped with things did she slowly began to recognise that she was more able than she originally believed.

After only one session, she learned five key points about herself that she had never realized. She did this by focusing on what she could do and not what she couldn’t.

She learned -

  • She had more courage than she realized 
  • She was able to calm herself down
  • She was calm enough to get back on the right road and continue her journey 
  • She was calm enough to park her car 
  • She managed to settle herself quickly into her session 

Non of these things happened by magic…. Ella did it. 

Feeling more confident about herself Elle set herself some simple challenges which were to engage with people she didn’t know every day. 

I know she will have done her homework and I’m very excited to hear how successful she has been. 

Have you ever set yourself a challenge like Ella? Let me know, I’d love to hear your story. 


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