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What you say and think really does affect how you feel

Say what you mean for better mental health

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Self talk: Use Your Inner Voice For Good!

How often does the voice in your head tell you off for something you’ve said or done? It’s no accident that the cliché goes: you are your own worst enemy. For many of us, that voice is harsher than any other – and when it tells you that you are stupid, embarrassing, useless or worthless, you believe it.

That is the power of self-talk.

Since you probably know how miserable and destructive this negative thinking is, imagine what it would feel like if you used your inner voice for good. Instead of sending you off in a spiral of negativity, how would it feel if your self-talk was positive, encouraging and motivating?

I work with clients every day who are on a journey to start thinking in a helpful way. First, you have to identify the kinds of negative thinking you are probably engaged in already. They include brooding, being obsessive, catastrophizing situations, being overly negative and demanding perfection from yourself. In fact, perfection is a good place to start because it’s counterproductive and stops you for having new experiences.

Imagine having to learn something new – whether its sewing or sky-diving or whatever. In learning, it’s almost impossible to be perfect from day one. But if you are hell-bent on being perfect at everything you do, the thought of trying something far outside your comfort zone fills you with fear. So you don’t do it.

It’s a terrible shame because you are missing out. When you make a mistake – whether it’s in trying something new or not – you will learn something. Mistakes are memorable experiences that help us learn and grow.

So, don’t listen to that negative voice inside your head. Break free, get out there and try something completely new. And when you inevitably make a mistake, make sure you tell yourself that this is how you learn and grow, and cheer yourself on to bigger and brighter things.

Words of wisdom

“You can’t get it right first time, every time. Life just isn’t like that.”

Albert Einstein.

If it’s good enough for the creator of modern physics, it’s good enough for us. Einstein proved what a human being can accomplish if they have the will to learn, make mistakes and the mental strength to push themselves forward. Why not follow in his exalted footsteps?

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Flying High with the Thrive Programme

Cure your Emetophobia and Thrive with The Thrive Programme

This Guest Blog is by my colleagues at www.emetophobia.co.uk

As you have found yourself looking for help with Emetophobia, it is likely that you are realising that you’re fear of being sick or anything to do with anyone else being sick is fairly extreme and getting in the way of how you want to live your life. You are very likely to be missing out on doing things “just in case” you or some other random person around you may be sick and  you’ll spend a lot of time worrying and avoiding those situations that you find intolerable.

The good thing though is that you are not alone.

We use Thrive philosophy to help people who have emetophobia and I have helped people of all ages from grandparents to teenagers to cure their emetophobia and Thrive.

This blog explains very simply how people make the changes they want to. 

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