Dyslexia and Me

Coping with Dyslexia

I have always found reading, writing and remembering sequences difficult. It turns out that I am one of the 2 million people in the UK that are Dyslexic and I have only just been assessed. For 60 years I have coped with the feelings of being different and in some way being inadequate. Reading and writing are tricky and numbers feel impossible. Actually that’s not entirely true, with a huge amount of effort on my part I can accomplish both but I take a very long time! 

I felt the I was not good enough. I remember with dread waiting for my turn when we were waiting to read in class, or having to write essays and I dreaded exams. Does this sound familiar? My mum would even return my letters home with corrections in red writing. You can imagine how that will have felt

I left school at 18 to become a teacher in nursery and infant education and even then I had to have a calculator and dictionary on my desk so I could answer the children's questions. My mum would even return my letters home with corrections in red writing. You can imagine how that will have felt.

As I got older I developed all sorts of strategies to help me cope with my reading, writing and memory limitations and with determination and drive and passion for what I believed was important I became a headteacher in a specialist school for children with profound and multiple and complex needs. I had to adapt of course and had an excellent group staff around me to do those things that I found tricky so I could use my time effectively on the things that I was good at, managing people and parent, supporting staff and advocating for the children.

Now I run my own business teaching people how to Thrive and again I have had to be creative so I can give my clients the best experience.

I really do know how it is to feel inadequate and how our mental health can be affected. 

You might find these articles interesting https://www.nature.com/subjects/dyslexia to read.

However regardless of diagnosis, our success in life is down to us, it's an “inside job”, it’s about how we feel about ourselves and our achievements no matter how small and insignificant to others. The tricky thing is that we have to keep going!

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