In control of your feelings - or do they control you?

Thrive with Kate Patterson
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Learn to control your mind monkeys...

In control of your feelings - or do they control you?

You wouldn't be human if you didn't experience negative emotions from time to time. Thoughts and feelings can bring fantastic happiness into our lives, but sadly they can also be utterly destructive and debilitating.

Every client I see brings their own stories of stress, anger and embarrassment as they navigate problems in their work and home lives.



You have all the power you need...

It's all too common for us to feel overwhelmed by the expectations we set for ourselves, and our fears around what others will think of us if we don't accomplish it all. All of these things can leave you feeling utterly powerless.

But the truth is that you are not powerless at all! In fact, you have all the power in reality, because you can control how you think and feel about everything. It's all about understanding the link between how you feel about things and your beliefs, attitudes and perceptions.

By carefully examining those three key areas, you can start to make positive changes and improve the way you feel immeasurably. For example, if you are trying to juggle work and childcare in the school holidays, you may feel overwhelmed and stressed by the demands on your time. You may see photos of other parents on social media that make it all look effortless and begin to feel guilty that your children are missing out. This is where you need to stop and rethink your beliefs and perceptions.

Nobody can control what other people think, do or say about them. But you can decide how you respond to situations and feel about them. Take pride in your ability to work and have a family. Make a choice to laugh when you don't get it right, learn when something goes wrong and celebrate small victories. Don't strive to find happiness, be happy and let that infiltrate all parts of your life. Taking this control back will elevate your mindset and help you live a much more fulfilled life.

If you'd like to start taking back control of your emotions, get in touch.

If you need help...

If you need more help and advice on how best to manage difficult emotions, please call me on 07747 186670 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. I'll show you how the Thrive Programme can teach you the skills to cope.

Jenny is thriving!

It's always great to hear from clients who are still reaping the benefits of the Thrive™ Programme years after we've worked together. For Jenny Watkins, the teachings still resonate today.

"I completely the programme three years ago and still apply many of the practices in everyday life," she writes. "I often remind myself of the points raised and correct my thinking. I've had difficult health issues to deal with in recent years, and the Thrive™ Programme and Kate's wonderful help provided me with the framework to handle the situations I faced. I've often been told by my friends, family and medical team that they were very impressed with my attitude. It's a real life-changer!"

It's extraordinarily rewarding to hear stories like Jenny's and to know that I've helped her and other people to lead happier, more fulfilled lives.

Dealing with anxiety

Find out how Beatle-loving John used the Thrive programme to conquer his anxiety in retirement.

Helping young people

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Skype Sessions

Great news for people who want Thrive Programme™ consultations but can't meet face-to-face! I can now offer sessions via Skype.

Contact me for more information by calling 07747 186670 or...

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