As the saying goes, "Don't put off to tomorrow, what you can do today!"

Just do it!

How do you feel about yourself when you have something to do that you don't want to? You find yourself putting things time and time again. You most likely will be saying things like "I should be doing this" "I should be doing that". 
I was having the very same conversation with my trainee this morning. In fact we ended up about talking about cleaning the bathroom! Actually we could have been talking about lots of different things like making difficult phone calls, working on business plans, studying for exams or doing our tax returns. The same mind set applies to all of these situations, we expect to find it difficult either practically or emotionally. If we tend to think in absolute, black or white sort of terms, as my client was this morning, we tend to criticise ourselves readily and worry about not being able to get it all done. 
This morning we decided on " Just do it " and Little and often" as a useful strategies for my trainee.  
If you waste a lot of your valuable time putting things off that you really want to do for yourself, your family, friends or your business then give me a call now 07747186770 . I can show you how you can be more productive ..... and feel so much better about yourself.

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