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What to do after Valentines Day

How to build your self esteem

As the excitement of Valentines day dwindles, the roses begin to fade, chocolates and wine have been consumed and relationships settle back into the everyday, I wonder how many are now feeling deflated, no longer feeling good about themselves, as life begins to look mundane once again. 
Phrases such as self esteem or self worth refer to how you feel about yourself. What difference would it make to you if you felt good about yourself every day. If you don't feel good about yourself but would like to, you can find some suggestions on ways to build your self esteem in my recent news letter. Kelly, R (2011) Thrive; Health, Happiness, Success 69- 85

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Mean what you say ....say what you mean!

Mind your Language

Oi! You! Mind your language! Wash your mouth out! 

No, not that sort of language… 

Learning to ‘mind your language’ is an important part of The Thrive Programme as it has a big impact on your mental wellbeing. 

When we change our words we can change our minds.

Even a friendly chat gives us a window onto your thoughts and beliefs.

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Have you ever thought of yourself as doing fine, but wish you could do a bit better?


I am  regularly meeting people who are just like this. They are getting along with their lives doing all that they expect of themselves and all that they think others want them to do, but they just don't rate themselves at all. They will say things like, "oh I'm nothing special" or "well that's what dads do"

I am writing this whilst I am on the train. It's full of people going about their everyday lives. Some are business people, some retired on a day out. Others are mothers and children; it is half term and they are going to have an adventure.  There's a granny and there's a lady... She's on the phone and she is having a deep conversation with Jo. I don't like to eaves drop but it's difficult as she is sitting opposite me and speaking loudly.

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Its all to do with choice!

embrace for the day

Todays tweet is " #12oclocktip The remarkable thing is we have a choice every day regrding the attitude we will embrace for the day" Charels Swindoll .

Born in 1938, Charles Swindoll became infuluential in his later life and is known for his work, "Insight for living". Interestingly Swindoll had a severe stammer when he was younger but got over it and became an acumplished musician as well as an oritor.

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Ask the right questions - get interesting answers!

What are the benefits of the Thrive programme - One clients response to this question

What problem were you facing that working with through the Thrive programme has helped you?

I had Emetophobia, that's a fear of being sick or seeing or hearing someone else be sick.

How much time has working throughout the Thrive programme saved you?   Have you found that you’re more efficient or that  you don’t procrastinate or spend time worrying.

Yes I have lots of time, and energy, energy that I used to waste on obsessively thinking about things that might happen.

Have you found that working through the Thrive programme has helped you to make your life easier and how has it become easier?

Life is so much more enjoyable now. Not only because I have dealt with the emetophobia, but the Thrive programme has given me the skills to deal with just about anything in life.

What did you like about working with me?  What do you like about the experience of working through the Thrive Programme with me?

You are so easy to talk to, non-judgemental and understanding. You treated me as an individual – responding to my specific needs. We went through the book step-by-step, and you explained everything clearly and concisely and went back over points if necessary.

Were you pleasantly surprised by any part of your experience of working together/ working through the Thrive programme?

That the focus was not on emetophobia, that my issue was not all about being sick – that a phobia is an unhelpful thinking style. The Thrive programme covered many different topics, such as personality and thinking styles and how they were all interlinked. I was especially surprised to learn that self-esteem is something that can be improved really quite easily.

What did you find remarkable about working through the Thrive Programme?

It was about how obvious, logical, sensible the information/advise in the Thrive book was. The information in the book is backed up by research studies and the reference list made it easy to access these. It also helped with my IBS symptoms and feelings of nausea became less frequent. It also taught me the importance of psychology for health and wellbeing, and the Thrive programme’s potential for helping many different people / issues /situations.

What is the most important thing that other people should know about working with me/working through the Thrive Programme?

Its that you will not be ‘cured’ over-night, or maybe even 6 months later. It takes continuous hard work and dedication. But most importantly that it can, and will, change your life.

Would you recommend me to your friends, families or co-workers?

Yes I would recommend you to other people an I have done already.You are lovely to work with, and have extensive knowledge and the skills and experience to help anyone that walks in to your clinic.

Do you have any other thoughts or comments?

Yes, I now see the Thrive Programme as a way of life. Kate , I can't thank you enough for all your help and encouragement.

Interesting reading don't you think?

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As the saying goes, "Don't put off to tomorrow, what you can do today!"

Just do it!

How do you feel about yourself when you have something to do that you don't want to? You find yourself putting things time and time again. You most likely will be saying things like "I should be doing this" "I should be doing that". 
I was having the very same conversation with my trainee this morning. In fact we ended up about talking about cleaning the bathroom! Actually we could have been talking about lots of different things like making difficult phone calls, working on business plans, studying for exams or doing our tax returns. The same mind set applies to all of these situations, we expect to find it difficult either practically or emotionally. If we tend to think in absolute, black or white sort of terms, as my client was this morning, we tend to criticise ourselves readily and worry about not being able to get it all done. 
This morning we decided on " Just do it " and Little and often" as a useful strategies for my trainee.  
If you waste a lot of your valuable time putting things off that you really want to do for yourself, your family, friends or your business then give me a call now 07747186770 . I can show you how you can be more productive ..... and feel so much better about yourself.

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Self Esteem as a Key to Weight Management

Thinking of summer? This will help be there person you want to be.

Are you on first name terms with your muffin-top? 

Bingo wings in a flap? 

Or on a mission to put on a few pounds and get back into the ‘healthy’ range?

Research shows that high self-esteem is significant in helping you to achieve weight-related goals. Psychologists believe it’s our reaction to setbacks that will determine our eventual success.

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I love listening to the radio

Its amazing what you learn just be listening

I was listening to my radio this afternoon and I caught a few moments of a programme called Inside Health on Radio 4 They were talking about how important it is for medical professionals to be curious about the reason why some interventions work and other don't and why things happen that cant be explained.

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A blog Kate Patterson

#12o'clock tips

You may have noticed that I regularly tweet  #12o'clock tips and I thought that it would be a good idea to add them here too. These tips are to be a gentle reminder of the things that you can do to make a difference to the way you live your life. They may be profound, they may be funny but they will always be useful. Enjoy!

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Flying High with the Thrive Programme

Cure your Emetophobia and Thrive with The Thrive Programme

This Guest Blog is by my colleagues at www.emetophobia.co.uk

As you have found yourself looking for help with Emetophobia, it is likely that you are realising that you’re fear of being sick or anything to do with anyone else being sick is fairly extreme and getting in the way of how you want to live your life. You are very likely to be missing out on doing things “just in case” you or some other random person around you may be sick and  you’ll spend a lot of time worrying and avoiding those situations that you find intolerable.

The good thing though is that you are not alone.

We use Thrive philosophy to help people who have emetophobia and I have helped people of all ages from grandparents to teenagers to cure their emetophobia and Thrive.

This blog explains very simply how people make the changes they want to. 

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