What is Areophobia? ....(The fear of flying) 

Areophobia or the fear of flying is the excessive worry about air travel.It is believed that one in ten of the population have a fear of flying but the figure  may be higher. This phobia can be linked with anything to do with flying, from planes to helicopters to airports. It also can be linked with psychological aspects such as panic attacks, claustrophobia or post traumatic stress disorder. Our fear of flying can increase our anxiety levels to such an extent that many people who have this fear will avoid flying all together.

What do people fear most?

When talking to my clients about their fear of flying many will say that its their fear of being out of control of their emotions on the plane that is really difficult for them to deal with. They worry that they may have a panic attack or loose control of their bodily functions or become hysterical. Others may be more frightened about external factors such turbulence, faults on the plane, bad weather or the skills of the pilot that they worry about the most. Its the feeling of extreme embarrassed and the worry about what others may think of them they find most difficult to deal with.

Who is it for?

You may be one of those people who,in the past, found flying really easy but now its not the case and you're worrying because you don't understand why you have been getting progressively more anxious. You may have experienced a sense of extreme anxiety that appeared “out of the blue" at one time and you're worrying that it will happen again. You may have been on a flight that was very difficult and frightening and now you're extremely worried that it will happen again next time they fly.

Take control and overcome our fear.

Regardless of what has happened to you in the past, working together with me you will learn how to understand and take control of all your unhelpful thinking.You will learn how to completely change your negative feelings and your unhelpful emotions about flying and you will learn to thrive in the process!

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