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What is Areophobia?....(The fear of flying) 

Areophobia or the fear of flying is the excessive worry about air travel.It is believed that one in ten of the population have a fear of flying but the figure  may be higher. This phobia can be linked with anything to do with flying, from planes to helicopters to airports. It also can be linked with psychological aspects such as panic attacks, claustrophobia or post traumatic stress disorder. Our fear of flying can increase our anxiety levels to such an extent that many people who have this fear will avoid flying all together.

What do people fear most?

When talking to my clients about their fear of flying many will say that its their fear of being out of control of their emotions on the plane that is really difficult for them to deal with. They worry that they may have a panic attack or loose control of their bodily functions or become hysterical. Others may be more frightened about external factors such turbulence, faults on the plane, bad weather or the skills of the pilot that they worry about the most. Its the feeling of extreme embarrassed and the worry about what others may think of them they find most difficult to deal with.

Who is it for?

You may be one of those people who,in the past, found flying really easy but now its not the case and you're worrying because you don't understand why you have been getting progressively more anxious. You may have experienced a sense of extreme anxiety that appeared “out of the blue" at one time and you're worrying that it will happen again. You may have been on a flight that was very difficult and frightening and now you're extremely worried that it will happen again next time they fly.

Take control and overcome our fear.

Regardless of what has happened to you in the past, working together with me you will learn how to understand and take control of all your unhelpful thinking.You will learn how to completely change your negative feelings and your unhelpful emotions about flying and you will learn to thrive in the process!

The Thrive Programme - Positive Psychology in Cambridge and Suffolk Welcome..

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The Thrive Programme - High quality unique psychological training and coaching in Ely, Cambridge, Woolpit, Bury St Edmunds Suffolk and Cambridgeshire. 

So What it Thriving?:

"Thriving is about flourishing in life, regardless of where you are  or what you're doing, what your past experiences were like, what your relationships are like, how much money you have, or what skills you have. It's about fine tuning your mind and body to get the very best from them" Rob Kelly

Then I can help you achieve the life you want. 

Hi, I'm Kate Patterson, and I have been helping people all my professional career, initially as a teacher but now as a Licensed Thrive Programme Consultant®, to gain the skills and develop the resources they need to be happy, well rounded and successful people in their own right. I will show you how to overcome any mental health issues, wellbeing problems and show you how you can take control of your life, and feel great. In just six weeks I will teach you the skills you need to feel really good about yourself. You will learn how to manage your emotions and your thinking patterns well and develop the skills you need to thrive and flourish. You will learn how to tolerate and cope with challenges well and be able to bounce back quickly from life's ups and downs so that you can really enjoy your life. I have found the Thrive Programme to be life-changing for me personally and hugely beneficial, it is positive and had had an enormous transformational effect on my life and those people I meet. I can really empathise as not only am I dyslexic so my journey through the education system was tricky, to say the least, but I have faced many other of life rich challenges and I have learned so much about myself from them.

 The Thrive Programmeis a unique psychoeducational, researched-based training programme that is extremely positive and empowering and will show you how to live the life you really want, to be happy, to be able to cope and tolerate with life's challenges, it will teach you how to overcome phobias, anxieties, and depression and to learn how to positively thrive. If I can do this so can you. 

What is Thriving?

Ilona Boniwell writes “positive emotions broaden our attention and thinking which in turn means that we have more positive thoughts and a greater variety of them”. What she is implying is that when we experience things like happiness, pleasure or joy, or that we are interested or curious in the world around us we are far more likely to be creative and open-minded. Thriving is not languishing in the realms of OK. Thriving is moving forward and has no endpoint. The world really is your oyster.  This is what thriving looks like. I know what I would prefer, what about you? 

Thriving is having the skills and resources to be able to bounce back quickly from any problems, illnesses or other issues in life, overcoming obstacles and living the life you want quickly and easily. We all can face difficulties in our lives, some of our own making and some that we have no control over at all and the sense of powerlessness can be overwhelming.   I am going to show you how to build your own strong psychological foundations so that you make the changes in your life and be the person you want to be.  The Thrive Programme will teach you not only awareness and self-insight but also skills that you need in order to thrive. It's an exciting prospect don't you think! Problems Helped

I am a professionally supervised and licensed Thrive Consultant® and coach, and over the last 12 years, I have shown hundreds of people how to Thrive. I can help you to overcome many of the problems and symptoms that might be holding you back, or stopping you from leading a happy and fulfilled life. I can facilitate your change. It might be that you are quite compulsive and you may simply want to stop smoking easily - without the hassle of withdrawal. You may need to resolve some social anxiety that makes you feel lacking in confidence or unable to engage with people... either way, your problem will be helped in a professional, caring and non-judgmental way - with a view to resolving your symptom(s) as quickly and ethically as possible.

 You can find a list of symptoms resolved with the Thrive Programme by following this link

The Thrive Programme takes between 6-8 sessions. Those who choose The Thrive Programme are achieving amazing results. They are thriving and have totally resolved their anxiety, depression and stress, their IBS, fears and phobias, their weight issues, anger problems, sexual problems, obsessions, their addictions, bad habits and much more.......


If you really would like to make some changes in your life, then just pick up the phone, and call or text me today 

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